About Us

Our Mission

Anthony Alan Records was created independently in 2014 to reignite the lost Seattle sound of the 90's.
Fused with Anthony's immense passion of Classic Rock, AAR is building what was both lost and gained in the time between.

By bringing together the most talented musicians in the resurging scene, every sunrise shines brighter light upon their coolaborative ingenuity.
Follow along as you wish, or wait until you can't you can't hear enough . . . the time is now.

Meet The Crew

John Doe

Anthony Alan

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Piano

Anthony Alan was born between the black and ivory of the keys. Gravitating to guitar at fifteen, the rocket was launched with no parachute or intent to return. Flash forward to the present and the machine is definitely in motion. Beyond blessed, the fear of success is what makes him his best.

Josh Clark

Jon Rewaldt

Lead Guitar & Audio Engineer

Jon Rehwaldt, aka Hippie Jonny, entered the stratosphere with guitar in hand and song in heart. Jon has been playing, performing, and teaching guitar since age thirteen. Inspired by 60's and 70’s rock/blues, Hippie Jonny adds his touch of psychedelia to a mix of playing style unknown even to him.

Nix Maxwell

Tom Fallat

Producer & Drummer

Tom Fallat is a Seattle based producer, recording engineer, artist, BMI composer, and music publisher. He has mixed, mastered, sequenced, and deployed all songs on his first album: A Trip In Time. Additionally, Tom runs a recording studio & music production business.

Nix Maxwell

Deirdre Quigley

Vocalist & Audio Engineer

Deirdre Quigley is a vocalist & audio producer from McKenna, WA. She studied classical voice for 3 years then completed her education in Audio Production at the Art Institute of Seattle. She is currently working with Anthony, as well as writing & producing music with her husband.

Mary Jane

Sam Prendiville

Creative Lead & UI Designer

Sam Prendiville, originally from Portland, OR, revels in all things creative. He is currently managing the AAR website, poster illustration, and merch aspects of AAR. Hobbies include: pizza.

Nix Maxwell

Brad Jensen

Videography & Photography

Originally hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, the extremely talented photographer and videographer, Brad Jensen, has been visually capturing both AAR, and Seattle, for over five years.